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Retouching: Best practices to keep in mind for commercial Licensing

For commercial photographers, post-processing is an indispensable part of the creative process, and it’s often the step that takes the most time. Fortunately, however, editing software is getting smarter and simpler. With brands like Skylum Software, Topaz Labs, ACD Systems, and Adobe developing new artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, retouching is easier than ever. Today, thereRead More…

Canon: Imaging Profits Down 80% in Q1, But the Worst is Yet to Come

Canon: Imaging Profits Down 80% in Q1, But the Worst is Yet to Come

Canon released its Q1 financial report earlier today, and while the impact of COVID-19 has been felt across all of its various businesses, the Imaging Business experienced the most brutal declines. Worse yet, Canon predicts that Q2 will be even more painful.
You can find the full financial report at this link, but we’ll try to summarize the key findings in regards to the Imaging business inRead More…

Best Stock Photos for Websites — 25 Top Website-Ready Images

The Best Website-Ready Images to Launch Your Online Presence

A beautifully designed website needs beautiful images to match. Check out our edit of the best stock photos for websites, full of high-quality images to use across a variety of sites. Whether you’re designing a website for a big corporation, a quirky start-up, a hobby blog, or an online shop, you’re sure to find image inspiration in our roundup of the best stock photos for websites. We&#82Read More…

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Creative self-portraits at home

This tutorial is part of the “No Place Like Home” Campaign. We’ve partnered with some of our Licensing contributors to create these “conscious living” tutorials and Quests to encourage you to pick up your camera, maybe learn a new skill, and continue to do what you love despite these difficult times.
This tutorial was created by Dahyembi Neal, a top Licensing Contributor based in ChiRead More…

5 Ways Photographers Can Use Social Distancing as an Opportunity

5 Ways Photographers Can Use Social Distancing as an Opportunity

I want to start by saying that if you or your family and friends are impacted by the current events of COVID-19, I send my sincerest condolences. The tragedy, pain, and suffering that the world is going through is immensely saddening and should not be taken lightly, so we should all be taking the necessary precautions to help prevent the spread through social distancing.
I personally haven’Read More…

An In-Depth Guide to TikTok (for Out-of-Touch Adults)

A Brief Introduction to TikTok

The kids are using it. Young adults are using it. Even Wendy’s is using it. Let’s explore TikTok and what you can do with it. If you’ve been even remotely close to not living under a rock for the past few years, you’ve probably heard of TikTok — the new social media app that almost feels like the lovechild of Instagram Stories and Vine — where you can shoot, edit, Read More…

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Looking to the future: Sustainability in commercial photography

An estimated eight-to-twelve million tons of plastic waste enters our oceans every year; if this trend continues, experts say that by the year 2050, there could be more plastic in the sea than there are fish. More than 800 marine species have been affected by the contamination of their ecosystems, and huge numbers of them have died painfully from ingesting or getting tangled in plastics.
FortunateRead More…

Tweak Your Curves for Another Way to Save Your Highlights

Tweak Your Curves for Another Way to Save Your Highlights

Lightroom has many adjustments and in general, they work reasonably well. I bet the most widely used sliders are the Highlights and the Shadows sliders. There seems to be a general tendency to make sure that the highlights are not blown and the shadows are not blocked.
I would like to share with you some ideas related to the effects of the sliders and how you can control the highlights with a mucRead More…

Artistic Eye Candy: 4 Illustrators to Follow on Instagram

Artistic Eye-Candy: 4 Illustrators to Follow on Instagram

See how four Offset illustrators use Instagram to extend their reach and reach mainstream success, and take some inspiration from their incredible feeds. Instagram is chock full of illustrative eye-candy—but as an artist, how can you stand out amongst a sea of accounts and seemingly endless visuals? These days it’s not easy to “stop the scroll.” Instagram commands a serious presenceRead More…

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16 classic and unique poses for photographing women

From the “flamingo” to the “bambi,” the last year has brought us a wide array of “trendy” poses adopted by celebrities and influencers. Some stuck around for a few months, and others have left a lasting impression. At the same time, today’s photographers continue to look to history, employing classic poses that have been used by some of the biggest names in the business, from EdwardRead More…